Astral Plane Deity (Zeus Verse) Challenge Set – Quick Notes and Tips

Floor 1 – No Restrictions – Olympios

  1. A very easy dungeon. As was the case in previous challenge sets, the first floor of this starts off with a Cupid wishing you good luck before making hearts and suiciding.
  2. Next we have Dublits with the same stats as Friday Dungeon Myth meaning they take 2-4 turns to attack. At this point in PAD you don’t even need a laser to pierce this 544k def.
  3. Dark Cat and Light Dog, floor 1 spawns from Arena. Doesn’t even have the premptive bind. Barely does damage.
  4. Archangel which premptively changes one orb type to jammers. Does a whopping 6954 damage per turn.
  5. Pheonix. Same as Arena. Full heals premptively. Changes Blues to Hearts every turn. The only dangerous part of this dungeon is spending 6 turns here because Pheonix will nuke for 44k if you do.
  6. Swole Owl with the premptive 99% grav. Two turns to attack and no premptive damage next floor so don’t fret.
  7. Cerberus which breaks two orb types to jammers. Under 25% HP will hit for 32k. With 1.2M HP you could literally 1c with a lot of leads to kill this.
  8. Olympios is the big bad wolf of this dungeon except he’s neither big nor bad. He’s the same Olympios that we’ve seen from dungeons in the past and with 4M HP just about every recent lead will destroy him. Regular hit of about 20k and can hit up to about 50k with rage hits. Or just use a board change and destroy him.

Leads to use: Almost anything. Any combo lead will do very well. Row leads or other are just as good. I wouldn’t bother with rainbow with the jammer prempts because it will delay you a few turns and cost you more actives but play whatever you normally play here.

Here’s a clear:

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