Whale whale whale, what have we got here? NY REM Review

With New Years REM coming this Friday for the celebration of Lunar New Years it’s only natural I go over the possible cards that you can get from the REM. Spoiler: I don’t recommend it.

Similar to the XMas article I’ll be going through the old offerings and then discussing the new ones. This time I managed to find some of the JP data so I’ll be adding some calculations along with that.


DSA – Discord Slang and Acronyms

STTD, SE, SR, Miru, Moose, got you hung up? Tired of having to ask people what on earth they are talking about? With a simple hotkey almost any and every slang term and acronym should be easily searchable in this article. I would recommend just keeping this article open in the background and when you come across a term you don’t recognize, hold the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard and at the same time press the “f” key.


Jingle Bells ~ X-MAS REM Review

 X-Mas REM – Smells like a TRAP

Seasonal REMs have always been very niche in purpose due to limited cards available and the amount of filler cards that would have no place on any team ever. Add on the fact that seasonal REMs extend up to 8 star cards with less than 1% chance of rolling any individual 8 star and you can see how this sounds more and more like a trap.


Ronove – Breaking Down the Hivemind “Best” Team

 The Ronove Hivemind

Ronove is a high-tier heart cross lead capable of clearing up to and including Ultimate Arena 3. However, I see a lot of things that I consider misconceptions so this discussion aims to show you objective views on running “the best” Ronove team through Ultimate Arena 3. There will be no team-building discussion due to the length of this article as is. Team-building will be delegated to the Leader Guides article covering Ronove.

The reason I wrote this article was because I found too many people were blindly stating that people should not run Ronove if they did not have this exact team setup. In this article I will be focusing on Ragnarok Dragon and Rozuel while the leader guide will focus on completely alternative approaches and their overall effectiveness while replacing Kaede, Ragnarok, and Rozuel.


Challenge Dungeons 31 – C10. The PAD Throwback Jersey

Deja vu? A little Nostalgia? For some, yes. For those of you needing a time capsule, wanting to know what it was like for the “veteran players” who started from the beginning, Challenge Dungeons 31 – Level 10 offers a glimpse back in time. The big picture strategy for this fixed team level is to stall, a lot. With one hit, Zeus on the final floor will bring a sudden curtain call to the game. The following link is a good place to start.


How to Carry: Ultimate Tomato Rush M+

 Tomato Rush Mythical Plus 0c Carry

For some reason the tomatoes in PAD can’t be killed with normal means. This has created quite the nuisance for carriers for a while now as the dungeon was annoying enough before heart cross leads, never mind carrying it to get new players access to an evolved Tengu and a Goemon for buttons of weekday dungeons and others.

However, Gungho has blessed us with a Tomato crusher!

With this guide I guarantee the most carry-able tomato sauce you’ve ever experienced.