How to White Snek: Levels 6 and 7

How to beat levels 6 and 7 for Sunken Serpent Labyrinth!

These challenges are where it gets significantly harder.

Level 6 has Sevenzard (arguably harder than the boss of that level, Kali).

Level 7 features 10c Anubis who full poisons you every time you fail.


Level 6

This level is a bit shorter than some of the others (definitely shorter than 7) and is more of an Arena style mini-run. Glass cannon leads will excel in this dungeon given that everything is hard enough to stall on and you deal with locked orbs the entire time.

Flr1: Gainaut. Premptive 99 turns of locked orbs, Gainaut when above 70% will just spam jammers and if you ever leave any of the jammers, he will lock the jammers and hit you for over 30k. The first time you bring him under 70% he will either Bind all waters (if water cards are on the team), remove player buffs or mortal poison Skyfall for 2 turns. This is really bad since mixed with locked orbs, can mean carrying a mortal poison locked for the rest of the run. One shotting from full HP is generally a good method of dealing with this.

Flr2: Beyzul. Basically 5 free turns, don’t forget to kill him before that timer runs out or you’ll die. Most teams if you’re trying to stall for spikes, this is the place to do it. 33m HP so depending on your lead, don’t take TOO long. (Note that I’ll be talking more about glass cannon fire leads so this could effectively be 66m HP for fire type teams).

Flr3: Sevenzard. If you happen to have a locked poison orb from the previous floors, good luck. On Sevenzard if you ever leave a poison or mortal poison, he hits for 48k. And if that poison happens to be locked, good luck. Above 90% HP he does regular 15k hits and makes some poisons here and there. Generally not a terrible point to stall as long as you have the RCV to upkeep the poison spam. Keep in mind his premptive 75% shield for 7 turns so if you’re able to stall above the 90% for that entire 7 turns period you should do so before attempting to kill.

Flr4: Beelzebub. Full board of poisons upon entering (less the locked orbs from Gainaut). Easiest way is to just straight up kill him. Alternates between 30k hit with poison generation and 44k hit.

Flr5: Good ol’ Kali makes another challenge appearance. She’s the equivalent of A3 Kali so bring below 65% for the first turn if possible. Or just one shot of you have your spike up.

What leads to use: I know I said mono-fire earlier but the number of fire high multiplier leads is pretty slim outside of Inahime which isn’t bad for this dungeon, and Kenshin. Kenshin can deal with all the spawns without a spike (however, triple crosses for Kali, Sevenzard and Beyzul) and with locks it can be hard to generate enough fire and light orbs to triple cross. I personally ran this with Anubis, strong and fast glass cannon. Didn’t need anything special except a bicolor on Kali.

Utilities that would be good: Unlocker especially if you plan to one shot the KalI (random between Dark or Light Kali) since you’ll probably need a board and that board can easily get ruined if you have too many locks. 100% shield like Ganesha or Raph if you are not planning to one turn Kali. Full board changer (or poison remover) for Beelzebub.

Level 7

This is honestly the most tedious dungeon (both to write and to clear) because it has more “junk” mobs versus other floors. And by junk I mean junk in terms of the difficulty of the dungeons we’re heading into.

Flr1: Star Dragons. Relatively weak. Can be annoying since 10 different ones can spawn with the possibility of combo shields (only a measly 3 but enough that you can’t 1 row swipe), color absorbs (light or dark), as well as premptive board changes and damage. They will also do a ton of damage if you happen to hit them to under 10%.

Flr2: Dimension Dragons. You’re probably running glass cannon combo leads for this dungeon so just blast right through. Red has a big 25k prempt. Blue makes 3 jammers. Wood locks wood and heart.

Flr3: Awoken Chinese. Just hope for no Haku. All the others are relatively simple to combo and kill and are relatively forgiving (except for Sakuya) if you fail. And by relatively forgiving I mean you’ll still die if you hit them below 20%, but at least it won’t be because you skyfalled Haku 2-3 turns in a row and hit her to 20% which definitely never happened to me. One quick note, Awoken Moomoo has 7.7m def along with her resists. So say you’re using a dark monster, you need to hit about 9m to break her.

Flr4: Hino Kagutsuchi. One of the 5 banes of GL1TCH3D, this little bugger will aim to completely screw you over. If you’re playing Anubis, don’t let the other spawns fool you. This poop shaped being of evil is the squishiest thing in this dungeon and even 8c with an active will one shot. Depending on your subs, 10c without an active will still kill. If you’re playing Anubis, 8c or 9c and hope no skyfalls (or stick to 8c so if you skyfall once you’re still safe). Or if you have killer subs (will discuss later) just activate with 5-6c and hope you don’t have my level of luck. Delay or poison is always the easiest way to deal with Hino but the dungeon is 10 floors so you definitely want to avoid actives when possible.

Flr5: Awoken Moomoo round 2. Deal 7.6m damage because this unassuming EKMD has grown into a Snorlax with 7.5m def.

Flr6: Wisdom (King) Dragons. The green one is especially annoying to deal with. Full awakening bind followed by a first turn 3-5 turn sub bind can knock a key sub out for a while depending on your setup. Hitting the required 6m or so damage to bring him under 80% for a more forgiving first turn will be difficult given the awakening bind. The light one similarly has a full team bind for 4 turns followed by a 108k hit if you proc the resolve and fail to kill the turn after. The dark one would kind of require a board change if you proc the resolve or something to convert poisons to another color (he makes bicolor mortal / dark). Inheriting a new Samurai 2 card to your leader or bringing one of the unbindable ones as a sub will deal with all 3 situations fairly effectively (assuming you can activate your leader with it!). The awakening bind clear means you can kill the wood one turn one, the light one after resolve proccing (note that the bind clear offered in the skill is 3 turns so you’ll still have to kill without the bound cards with this route. If you’re using bindable leads you’ll need a Grodin active) and the dark one after proccing resolve.

Flr7: Sonias. Ronia is bad just like her actual card. Gronia can be annoying if your team is low RCV since the premptive 99% gravity followed by hits every turn. Blonia locks the board so if you’re lacking hearts or orbs to kill and have no unlocker, she can be scary (or certain death). I wouldn’t recommend bringing anything specific for these situations since it’s 1/3 chance to spawn and even when fully locked it doesn’t mean you’ll die from it (based on board).

Flr8: Mech Generals. Either Sherospada or Hysferzen. Hys is much tankier but gives you 2 turns to kill him before he starts hitting (all his attacks are over 40k) but if you can tank him it’s not too bad while you kill. Otherwise Shero is annoying with the time debuff from proccing his resolve and the accompanying 36k hit. It’s exceptionally hard to damage control this floor with Anubis if he spawns. 8c with active should do the trick but one skyfall and you’ll probably die.

Flr9: Dill Pickle. Premptive hard blind (the ones where the orbs are not revealed even with moving them) as well as regularly hard blinding the right side of the board. Would highly recommend using a bicolor here and taking your time to kill (assuming you can activate from a bicolor), making sure to match away all blinded orbs before entering the boss floor.

Flr10: Anubis. Absorbs 9 or less combos. Basically Anubis asking you to activate his own leaderskill. Failure to do so will result in a full board of poisons which hurts if you swipe it, trust me (155% of your max HP as damage). Bicolor and Kushinada active will do the trick, otherwise Khep Khep works as well for the time buff and +2 to combo. You might also want to add a spike on top if you’re not feeling confident in your ability to hit the 29m damage with the 10c.

What leads to use: The dungeon is very well setup for Anubis with very few stops along the way, being dealt with utility. However I actually just paired Reimyr with Uruka for this dungeon. My team was Reimyr (orochi) / Orochi / Ragdra x2 / NY Kanna (Facet) / Uruka (used the same team for levels 8 and 9 as well).

I’m assuming most will try using Anubis. Bring a Tsubaki as a sub, it helps. If you have Inahime, run her as a sub too, otherwise have your friend inherit her to their Anubis. Using Tsubaki you can ping Hino down by using an active and matching big blobs of orbs to keep skyfalls down (he generates lots of fires). Using an active allows you to activate the 2.25x RCV which is really nice for the stall during this time. Double Diao-Chans as the last two slots and have Ilm inherited somewhere on an Anubis for the last floor is pretty useful. Meri can be inherited too for +2 (won’t interfere with Ilm board). Top the entire build off with some SDR latents because there are a few skill delays between Sheros, Hino and the Dimension Dragons. The above comments work similarly for Kushi if you decide you want to run her but you might find the Dimension and Wisdom dragons more difficult given the lack of dragon killers (you can dragon killer latent though which most people do on Hakus because of Dath). Following up with a Mito for that 9x damage against Devils. You can also inherit an Oichi on Kush teams as a counterpart to Inahime for Anubis teams.

With Kush the question becomes more about consistently outputting the 25m or more damage per turn you need while with Anubis it’s getting around some more RNG mechanics (resolve on Sheros and Hino). Technically even if Hino resets you, you can still win with Anubis against Anubis if skyfalls / the board allow it.

Sample Anubis:

Anubis (R.Kush) / Tsubaki (Ilm) / Inahime / Diao x 2 / Anubis (Flex)

This covers your main requirement for the entire dungeon and the Flex inherit can be just about anything including a delay if you want to be safer for the Sheros clear. Low CD delays would be Batman + S.Gloves (8 turns inheritable) or Dath (11 turns inheritable). For those that lack Inahime it can really be anything. You can slot the Ilm directly to the team, you can bring R. Orochi, etc. Anubis is very flexible for this dungeon outside of needing to consistently match or face high damage hits.


Alternatively: Most leaders have some sort of 7×6 pairing. Rainbow can pair with Tachibanana or Uruka, combo based leads can generally pair with Floof (easy color requirements allows for more combo focus), light / fire row can pair with Tifa (not sure I would recommend rows given the 10 combo requirement on the last floor). While some leader mechanics can lock them out of being able to consistently 10c, 7×6 pairings alleviate those issues. I was able to multi-TPA and heart cross with Reimyr and still 10c before any skyfalls.

One newer lead that can be very strong with either Tifa or Floof is Amenominakanushi which is unconditional to lights and scales to 15x for one lead. That’s 75x row lead and your choice of shield with Floof or RCV with Tifa (I would Floof for the bicolor on the last floor). Damage control is just based on matching shorter sets of lights, making / not making rows, etc. Similarly, Thicc x Floof for no skyfall, 7×6, 2/63/9.33 lead with the ability to run Aten who will get 18x against Anubis (color and killers). This is however a more difficult leader pairing to run.

This marks the end of this piece of the puzzle. Level 7 is just very long to get through and one bad move or a flub and you could be restarting all 10 floors over again.

Levels 8 and 9 will be posted shortly!

Like always, make sure to PM me on my Discord Server if you have any comments about this article!

11 thoughts on “How to White Snek: Levels 6 and 7

  1. Thanks for your posts, it really help
    Your link for Combo Master helped me a lot when I needed to hit the 10 combo with my D.Athena team

    I’m looking forward level 8, as I’m stuck on this one
    keep up those greats articles 😉

    1. Nice! Not sure if you ended up using the Level 8 guide I put up. Level 9 should be up for this weekend. Lots of work that I really have to get done before working on Level 9!

  2. Thanks for the guides; they’ve been super helpful! I did F6 with Yamamoto since he has a strong multiplier that’s hard to be lock-orb-trolled and I figured Tsubaki would make short work of most of the dungeon, along with Baldin in case I got LKali (I did). Only floor I didn’t one shot easily was Beyzul, who I killed over two turns just to be safe.

    1. I don’t know who Rainbow is but Humus is Hamal,Khep Khep is Khepri,Goose is Liberty Geist,Bicolor is Kali or Metatron,and Thicc is Trailokyawhatever.

    2. Rainbow refers to a rainbow activation leader (Yuna, Radra, etc)

      Bicolor refers to a bicolor board (Ilm, Sonia, etc)

      Thicc refers to Trailokyavijaya, a 20% true gravity (always deals 20% of max HP of target monster)

  3. Flex = ?
    Bicolor = Kali or Metatron
    Humus = Hamal
    Khep Khep = Khepri
    Goose = Liberty Geist
    Floof = Ilmina
    Kush = Kushinadahime
    Rainbow = ?
    Thicc = Trailokyawhatever
    Tachibanana = Tachibana Ginchiyo
    White Snek = Jormungandr Ullr

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