How to White Snek: Levels 8

How to beat level 8 for Sunken Serpent Labyrinth!

These challenges are where it gets significantly harder.

Level 8 has Mega Dios with a huge premptive, multiple turns of 99% shield and multiple turns of damage ABSORB(!!!!)


Level 8

The difficulty of these dungeons is really exponential so we start getting into significantly more difficult enemy setups.

Flr1: Azazel. One of the newest descended cards. This cancer of a mob has some really annoying mechanics like the premptive top row roll lock (I call it roll lock because Khepri, the first mob that featured the mechanic, “rolled” over the row to lock it). Along with natural resist (50% light and fire) makes it troublesome for a lot of teams to kill quickly. Failing to one shot him leaves you with a turn 1 full team skill delay of 4 or 6 turns which can hurt for teams relying on some of the skills (like your shield for later). The worst part is that the game essentially want you to one shot from over 40%, otherwise be ready for Azazel to heal himself and then cast a 75% shield for 99 turns which I assume nobody has time to stall for. There’s not much you can do about Azazel outside of running a leader that can clear him without actives. Better yet if you can one shot him with the rolled row to avoid skill delays (unless you have 5 skill delay on everything).

Flr2: Random Wizard (Leeza, Sharon, Laila). Laila is arguably the easiest however she stacks another +5 cooldown which can be devastating after taking a delay on Azazel floor. Due to the prempt on the next floor, you’ll want to stall 3 turns and then one shot. She will make a board of fire and jammer and hit you with the skill delay. Make sure to heal when one shotting because the next floor has an 18k prempt. Also, if you one shot Laila before stalling 3 turns, she will hit you with 23k and again make the board fire + jammer (no hearts) so unless you’re ready to use another board here or you can tank 42k, try stalling the 3 turns and killing after (there’s a good chance she skips turns while stalling the first 3 anyway). Leeza has 16m def so most teams will not break her (especially since killers for her are awkward with her Attacker Healer typing but if you can one shot through her def it makes her the easiest floor by far). Otherwise, it’s time to ping. She spawns a single jammer for you when you start the floor and she asks you to keep the jammer on the board. So the whole point is to keep the jammer above the bottom row at all time because she breaks the bottom row every turn. If you ever lose that jammer she will heal herself the first time you get her below 50% and makes the fight a lot more obnoxious. Sharon casts a 500k shield premptively for 5 turns. She has 4.3m HP. Her mechanic is a bit weird. So she has 4 “1 time” use attacks based on the TURN COUNT. She also has special attacks at sub 50% based on how many times you get her below 50%. The sub 50% HP attacks overwrite the 1 time use chain of attacks. The chain is 24k > 99% grav > 24k > 100% grav > Awaken Bind + Enrage. The easiest way to deal with this is to tank the 24k, the grav and setup hearts for yourself these turns. Heal and deal some damage before the 24k, tank the 100% (hope you have a water resist somewhere), then finally hit to sub 50% on the 5th turn as her absorb disappears. She will heal herself and then do nothing else, allowing you to kill fairly easily, skipping the awakening bind and the enrage. If you do not have a water resist then hit to sub 50% on the turn with the 100% grav then you’ll have to do it again the turn after to avoid the awakening bind. If you can get all your cards to hit for 400-500k it makes it fairly easy but not all teams can do that. The shield is a void, not an absorb so if your main attributes overhit but your sub attributes hit the correct amount that’s fine too.

Flr3: Puppets. Premptive 18k and heart break. Since my first time dealing with these in other dungeons I’ve really just delayed them for the most part. Light + dark absorbs for 5 turns will stop most teams (including the teams that I used). Orochi is the easiest way to deal with it since the delay lasts as long as the absorbs so you only have to take 1 hit before you can kill. Since they have regular heart breaks I definitely recommend a delay here unless you’re running Dath which can tank 2 hits while trying to stall (red one actually breaks waters too).

Flr4: Grisar. 51m HP. Yes, he has more than HP than Nerva and Dios combined on the last two floors of this level! So don’t take this floor lightly as free stall because it can very easily eat your actives quickly. Have at least one board changer handy for this floor because you’re going to feel it in the mortals otherwise.

Flr5: Red Eggo (Nerva). Another first appearance of an enemy (Izanamis / Dios / Loki are firsts as well). This Eggo came out in the REM about 3 weeks ago. It has a premptive 75% shield for 3 turns. This brings the effective HP to 100m while the shield is up. Doable for a lot of teams with a spike and if you’re aiming to one shot Dios after it’s never a bad idea to carry that over since the spikes most people will be using will be gemstones if they’re going for the one shot on dios after. Just make sure that if you can’t tank the premptive next floor to cast your shield before clearing this floor! I made the mistake once of not shielding (in my case I didn’t heart cross and I cleared the floor). IF YOU ARE NOT PLANNING ON ONE SHOTTING then you still have to do find a way to kill! The Eggo follows a 3 turn cycle. 75% Shield (3 turns) + hit, random effects + hit, HP check, repeat. The HP checks are at 85%, 50% and 0% Kupo. Keep in mind Nerva can be delayed so the best time would be with 1 turn left on the first turn of the shield, delay, and kill while the shield is down and delay is holding Nerva back.


(Too soon?)







If you’re still reading I assume you survived the 71k premptive. He also premptive 6 turns 99% shield. Dios is God Balanced and Wood so we will talk about one shotting him later. On his first attack, he casts a status shield, damage ABSORB, locks all orbs. That last part is really important because after that he spams 35k hits with FULL BOARD TO WOOD for 4 turns, locks all orbs, and repeats back to board spam.

There are a few options here.

First is to delay Dios ASAP (he casts a status shield on his first attack) to stall out part of that shield. Gungho intentionally designed Dios so that even with the longest delay (Exa Hydra) the shield will still be up for his first attack. At least you can stall out the damage shield. Once the damage shield is over, use Fujin and kill through the absorb without stalling out. This is what I did.

Another option is to one shot through the 99% shield and there are a few options to do this. You could Floof x Kenshin and kill. You can Kenshin with Floof sub and kill. You can Anubis with Floof or Baldin sub and kill. For all of these options you’ll generally want a spike which is why I recommended using a spike on Nerva the floor before and carry it over to this floor. If you’re using Anubis then a good option is to spike on Nerva (in case of 8/9c board). If you’re using Floof you’ll probably want an extra god killer latent on her. Meanwhile Baldin has 2 killers against Dios making him optimal for destroying Dios with his base 18x damage against Dios.

Lastly, shield through Dios. On the first turn setup your board with whatever you need to survive another hit after (like if you’re using Myr, save 5 – 10 hearts). Let Dios lock the board with your hearts on it. Use a shield like Shaitan to tank 3 of the turns. During those turns don’t use the orbs you need to survive after (if you’re using Dath, save darks waters hearts). Once the shield expires, use your saved orbs to survive for the remaining absorb. After absorb is down just go ham all over Dios!


What leads to use:

1) Dath has built in delays and if you’ve been following, delays are pretty big around here between Puppet, Nerva, Dios. This dungeon doesn’t have a single skill bind so the Academy Susano is actually a great choice for SB and shield to tank Dios. The 5 turn Susano 50% shield lets you tank 3 hits without needing to heal. Then you need to heal once to tank the last hits to stall out the shield. Otherwise you’ll probably just want a spike and boards and you should be set.

2) Reiruka is my go to team for difficult dungeons. My setup is fully unbindable and covers the necessary utilities (2 delays, Uruka for the absorb break, Facet or Sheen spike). My core team is Reimyr / Ragdra x2 / flex x2 / Uruka. Flex has to cover red and that’s about it. I inherit the second delay to Reimyr but the spike can go on Reimyr and the delay go on a sub, doesn’t matter whatsoever.

3) Myr has the ability to clear this but Grisar and Puppets are really the biggest danger. Considering all 3 puppets have 5 turns of light absorb, you’ll probably need a delay. 2 Delays (Nerva and Puppet) would be required as well as boards for Grisar, Nerva, Dios as well as a shield like Shaitan or Indra.

4) Anubis with Baldin or Floof sub, one shot Dios. Bring 1 delay for Puppet (since you can still skyfall darks and heal that little bit with the last dark subatt for Anubis). Anubis should stroll through the dungeon otherwise. Be careful when going for that Azazel turn 1 kill though! And shield for premptive

5) Something Kenshin with Baldin or Floof sub. This is tough because of the high orb requirement making it hard to stack utility and enough changers. Would definitely recommend one of the other 4 if possible first.

6) Lots of others can clear too following the same basic formula of 2 delays, shield for prempt and one of the methods for getting through Dios.


This marks the end of this piece of the puzzle.

Levels 9 will be posted shortly!

Like always, make sure to PM me on my Discord Server if you have any comments about this article!

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