Speed Farming Kuramitsuha with Meri

 Speed Farming for Hinomitsuha – Meri Button

Speed farming depending on the setup can be slow. This setup buttons through the first 2 floors avoiding any pesky matching that hurts the head after 150 runs.

The Setup

Player 1 (The NIAP)

Meridionalis (Sadalmelik) / Unit-13 / Unit-13 (Grimmjow) / Unit-13 (Grimmjow)/ Unit-13 (Grimmjow) – 8SB



P1 is assumed to be all hypermaxed on all the cards (inherits don’t need hypermax if that wasn’t clear) EXCEPT the first Unit-13 which does not need plus eggs.

No substitutions work for this without requiring passes (which defeats the purpose of a speedfarm) EXCEPT for Blodin which can be substituted for another UNBINDABLE card with 4 SB.

The last Grimmjow can be Juza (200x light attack).


Player 2 (The Whale)

Meridionalis (Toshiro) / Tengu (Toshiro) / Tengu (Toshiro) / Blodin / Blodin – 17SB



Tengus can be New Years variants. Must be MSed.

Second Blodin is there for damage when swiping.

Tengus can obviously be replaced with Blodins for those whales that have so many Blodins. Or Whaledor once he’s released.

Everything except Tengus / Inherits needs plusses.

The Plan

Play this song before starting


Floor 1

P1: Unit-13, Unit-13 (Grimmjow)


Floor 2

P1: Unit-13 (Grimmjow), Blodin (Grimmjow)

He’s flying through the floors like a speed demon.


Floor 3

P1: Meridionalis (Sadalmelik), swipe.


Floor 4

P2: Tengu (Toshiro), Blodin, Swipe.

Note: Blodin is to heal before next floor. Another active can be used provided it heals at least 14,701 HP.


Floor 5

P1: Meridionalis (Toshiro), Swipe.


Floor 6

P2: Tengu (Toshiro), Swipe.


Congratulations on getting your Hinomitsuha. Hopefully it didn’t take 150+ runs like me!



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