How to White Snek: Levels 1 to 5

Sunken Serpent Labyrinth Levels 1 to 5

This article is an overview of the kinds of leads you should be bringing into levels 1 through 5 as well as key aspects of the floors and what utilities you can bring to deal with them.

Given that these are the easier levels, there are many different ways you can clear each one and this article does not promise to show every single way. The same will be true of the next article talking about levels 6 to 9.

Level 1

Flr1: This fairy gives you a dkali board and kills herself. Don’t let it go to waste!

Flr2: Devils

Flr3: Chimeras. Can hit 16k and spawn with 1/2/3 turn timers. If both spawn on the same turn timer, consider using an active for damage so you don’t get hit for 32k (unless you want to tank that)

Flr4: Skydragon. 5k prempt and 15k every 3 turns. Not a threat.

Flr5: Devil Fish. 1/2/3 turn timer. 8k each. Not a big threat.

Flr6: Black Baron. Premptive poisons orbs (3) and 6.5k. Not a big threat.

Flr7: Black Bowl Dragon. Premptive 6 combo shield (absorbs 6 or less combos for 4 turns). Along with 99% gravities and other hits. Has 3m HP.

Flr8: Wadatsumi. His standard old self. Can make hearts for you, hits a decent amount regularly. Will 45k you under 25%. I highly recommend just making sure you can one shot. Again, 3m HP

All the enemies can be delayed so bringing one delay as a backup never hurts.

Combo and rainbow leads will do better given the black bowl dragon and Wadatsumi’s combo shield.


Level 2

Flr1: Protection Demons. Premptive blind. ALWAYS SPAWNS ON 2 TURNS. First turn clear the blind, second turn kill (at least one). Otherwise the light one hits you with a 99% grav and the other one finishes you off.

Flr2: Leviathan. Kill in about 4-5 turns. Otherwise it’s crunch time. 3m hp.

Flr3: Either Osiris or Zhu Bajie. Osiris has a premptive skyfall buff to dark and wood orbs. Has a natural 50% resistance to dark and light so for some teams his HP can be effectively 4m (or 1m if you’re running fire). Zhu has a 99% premptive gravity so watch out for follow up attacks from her. If you hit her under 50% she will put up a 75% shield for 1 turn then 100% gravity you the turn after. You can survive the gravity with any shield or 1 light resist latent. She has about 3.3m HP.

Flr4: Dragon Fruits. No the red one does not drop here (it never drops). They can hit pretty hard so it’s in your best interested to clear these ASAP.

Flr5: Belial or Gryps. Belial has 4.1m HP and basically gives you 2 turns to kill before starting to get a bit obnoxious. Gryps is notably easier at 2.5m HP but does not give that free first turn, does more damage overall and has full board blinds. I recommend 2 shotting Belial and one shotting Gryps.

Flr6: Demons. For those that run arena, you know of these little buggers that somehow do more damage than an enraged Kali. Luckily they don’t do too much here but bind stacking + high damage turn after turn will still kill you if you don’t kill right away. I always aim to one turn these guys.

Flr7: Surtr or Diagoldos. If you get Diagoldos you have to be a bit careful how you treat. Above 50% he alternates with a hit that can hit up to 25k and a 16k hit that turns the middle row to jammers. Under 50% he casts a combo shield, a normal hit then a 48k hit over 3 turns. Recommend killing in 1-3 turns. Surtr is annoying if you bring a fire team to this dungeon with his base 50% fire resist which brings his 4.5m HP to an effective 9m if you use fire. His skill set can be a bit obnoxious spamming fires and actually turning your entire board to fires every 3 turns which surprise surprise, leaves you with no hearts to heal from further attacks (will hit about 31k between the full board and the next hit). Bringing board changers for this is highly recommended. Keep in mind neither can be delayed either.

What to avoid: fire leads. Especially bad fire leads like Krishna and Shiva.

What leads you can use: Row leads work fine in this level with the only combo shield being Diagoldos which can be avoided by just one shotting. HP requirements are not high so glass cannon leads work too if you want to sweep straight through. Make sure to bring lots of board changers for yourself.

Level 3


Make sure you can 8c and deal 50m damage with the lead you choose, that is all.

Kush, Sakuya, Anubis all deal with this level well. Rainbow leads in general can pump out combos and damage. Personally a combo lead like Anubis and a bicolor usually does the trick. The keeper will kill you in 4 turns so make sure to have enough SB for your board changers as necessary. Also can be delayed and sometimes delays are shorter than board changers.

Level Resolve 4

Save yourself the headache and run a high damage lead like Sakuya or Anubis and pair with the matching wisdom king (light or dark) since they have follow-up attacks built into their leaderskills. Hinokagutsuchi works too as the follow up attack for this. Everything has a resolve and dealing with it otherwise is a real pain in the ass. Furthermore, they can be relatively tanky too so don’t forget to stack those killers.

Good killer options: Baldin, Barbara, Sheena, Floof, Aten, Tsubaki

Sample team would look like Anubis / Tsubaki / Floof / Diao / Diao / Dark Wisdom

I won’t go through each floor here because your goal is to kill in one shot all the time. Otherwise a lot of these enemies will completely stomp all over you if you skyfall that one last combo to activate your multiplier without that follow up attack. You’re welcome to try but I highly recommend going for the follow up attack method.

Level 5

Back to somewhat more normal dungeons. Tankiness of monsters really ramps up at this point so unless you’re running Anubis, definitely run killers or you’ll fail to one shot monsters.

Flr1: Grimoires. At under 50% HP they Kappa skyfall you for their respective colors. They have a natural 50% light and dark resist making them fairly tanky for most teams. Entering with a mono-Fire/Water/Wood means you can also spawn the one you’re weak against. I would definitely avoid rainbow teams because of the grimoires since the skyfall can make it hard to cycle boards.

Flr2: Humus. Premptively locks hearts, swaps his own color to a random color and absorbs the weak color. Hence if he swaps to Fire, he will absorb Water damage. BIG NOTE: HUMUS WILL NEVER ABSORB LIGHT. First turn: 15k damage and full board to poisons. No, Humus is not friendly. Definitely recommend one shotting if possible. Humus can be delayed so you can just delay to stall out the color absorb and setup your board for a one shot.

Flr3: Star justice, Liberty Goose or Cosmo. As much fun as it would be to fight all 3 at the same time you only get one. With cosmo you never know what attack you’ll get. Under 50% he usually casts a 50% shield. I tend to hit to around 60% then one shot from there. Goose is the only one of the 3 that can be delayed so if you have one, use it here because it won’t be useful otherwise. I don’t recommend bringing delay just for Goose but he can be pretty obnoxious. He casts a 50% damage shield for 3 turns if he’s over 70% on his first attack. If he’s below that amount, he will cast a 500k absorb for 3 turns. If you stall those out it’s a pretty straightforward fight of kill before being killed. Star Justice, the classic skyfall and die scenario. At 10.7m HP a lot of weaker leads (say if you use Myr) will have trouble one shotting. If you’re running fire that won’t be so difficult to accomplish. If you’re using Anubis, avoid using skills here if you can while you chip to 50% which is his resolve point.

Flr4: Khep Khep. She follows patterns of 3. Shield, Rolling, Hit. The shields are Damage Absorb, Awakening Bind, 50% or 75% damage shield. After following the pattern with those shields, she will cast a 6 combo shield and kill you the next turn. She will also kill you if you hit her under 10%. The Rolling attack (which DOES do damage) is a column / row lock where you are locked out of using a specific column / row. You can still match the orbs in the column / row but you cannot move them. Opposite of the rolled over column / row, she will randomly generate jammers and hearts. On her hit attack, she checks for jammers. If jammers are left on the board she converts them to poisons, otherwise she blinds the board. Personally I just leave the jammers and move the poisons to the next row / column that she’s converting with hearts / jammers. The order is left column, top row, right column for the areas that she rolls over.

Flr5: The Big Izanamis. Dark Izanami is kind of borked if you spam Diao Chans on her so that’s nice if you’re running Anubis and have 2 Diao Chans. Otherwise, at least bring yourself a time buff if you’re running a match based lead because -50% for 10 turns sucks. Keep in mind she will recast her debuff on you so be ready to kill. An example of a good option: Awoken Hades. Hades gravity will break her resolve and give you extra time for the kill. If you don’t have an Awoken Hades to inherit (or can’t find a friend that will inherit it for you) then run a time buff with a multi-turn enhance like AYomi. If you resolve her on the first turn, she resets to 5%, blinds you, adds an 8c shield to herself and buffs herself with 4x damage. So really you can just one shot her, carry the buff, and kill her from her 5% (you want to carry the buff because full blind board can be hard to 8c but then again you essentially will have to do that for level 10). If you fail to one shot her (so between 1% and 50%) she still casts all those buffs on herself. So really aim for a 2 turn kill with Dark Iza or 1 turn if you have that Hades.

Light Izanami is aiming to be a b—- with a premptive full team bind and a follow up skill bind check on the first turn (if your cards are bound, their SBR IS NOT IN EFFECT!) so I definitely recommend running a bind clear if you want to use skills ever again. Unlike Dark Izanami, the Light one does NOT have a resolve so if you have a kill ready you should just do that after her skill bind check. If you don’t one shot her she starts making jammers or bombs. Bombs deal 25% of your max HP PER BOMB ORB left on the board and they will destroy all non-bomb orbs in their respective column/row. If you happen to leave any jammers, she will kill you. And under 30% HP, she will kill you.


What leads to use: Row leads can be extremely effective here since nothing will really combo absorb EXCEPT for Dark Izanami. If you’re running rows and have a row making active you can just bring a grav in case of Dark Izanami to break the resolve and allow you to one shot turn 1. The new Amenominakanushi is very strong for this as an unbindable light row lead (like we mentioned, Humus cannot absorb light) who can also put out the millions of damage you need in this dungeon. Meri can also work very well since the no skyfall allows you to control on Justice (if he spawns) a lot more efficiently. Higher RCV leads will shine especially in dealing with Khepri who often takes 6 or more turns to kill (wait out the absorb + awakening bind).

Utilities to bring: Grav (Dark Iza resolve) / Delay (If you’re not running a light team, otherwise Humus can be annoying) / Bind Clear (otherwise you can easily get skillbound on Light Iza) / Time Buff (only if you’re running a lead that needs it for Dark Iza)


So this marks the end of this massive wall of text with not too many no pictures at all. I wanted to write this guide after clearing the entire set myself but given that it’s a time limited dungeon and I’m short on time, I skipped the fluff of adding images everywhere and went straight to the key aspects for clearing as well as the leads.

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  1. On level 5, be sure not to kill Khepri when your awakening skills are bound or you’ll be helpless against light Izanami’s bind pre-empt.

    1. That’s a very good point Targrend. I generally don’t recommend trying to kill her with awakening bind up anyway. It’s a good way to get hidden resolved too.

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