How to Carry: Heph Dragon Descended with Meridionalis

 Heph Dragon Farm / Carry Method with Meridionalis


Heph dragon is easily one of the hardest radars in A3 for most teams owing to the fact that he has a 15 turn skill delay and 7 turn timer. Since most damage enhances come in the form of inherits for most teams, this means your attempt to kill him will be done without a spike, on a 7 turn timer, with few actives, and a required 79M damage.

Most teams solo cannot deal with this making it very difficult for solo UA3 players to achieve their Heph Dragon drops.

The Setup

Player 1 (inherits on the bottom)

Meridionalis (Grodin) / Blodin (Toshiro) / Blodin (Toshiro) / Blodin (Raphael) / Blodn (Gabe) – 17SB



Everything is assumed to be hypermaxed.

The Grodin can be literally any active that does at least 1 damage to Apollo. Ra, Grodin, Vritra, etc.

Blodins are just there for SB. As long as you meet the SB requirements with decent overall attack it shouldn’t matter what the bases are. Blodin (Toshiro) is 23 turns.

Gabe MUST be a light to water orb changer. Scheat works too.


Player 2

Meridionalis [14SDR] / Tengu / Tengu / Tengu / Mugtea – 13SB


Meri needs 14 SDR protection (inherits like Meri work well). Any inherit that is 14 turns or more will work for Meri.

Mugtea can be replaced with Raph Doge / Raphael (REM) / Shaitan (REM). He CANNOT be replaced with Ganesha. It must be long enough to void Apollo’s 500% gravity.

Tengus are not required. As long as you meet the SB requirement along with P1 for the inherits it doesn’t matter.


How it works

If Player 2 is starting, just pass to Player 1.

Floor 1 – Neptune

P1: Blodin (Toshiro), Swipe


Floor 2 – Apollo

P2: Mugtea, 1c

P1: Karin (Gabe), Combo

P2: Meri (Grodin)


Floor 3 – Heph Dragon

P2: 0c

P1: Blodin (Raph), Meri, Swipe

P2: Match combos to ping damage (needs 2 damage to hit past resolve)

P1: Blodin (Toshiro), Swipe

That’s all folks!


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Note: Calculations were done assuming 12308 total attack before God killer slot is accounted for. (No blue inherits on either Meri, Template setup).

Karin (Gabe) with god killer adds an effective 6486 attack to the team for a total effective attack of 18794 against Neptune and Heph Dragon.

This gives us 43696050 damage on a full board and swipe. Since Meri adds 50% extra damage our first hit on Heph needs to be less than his full HP (so he doesn’t heal back to 50%).

Before OE this comes to 65544075 damage.

100,000,000 / 65544075 = 1.52569

Divide that by 1.05 to get 1.453

(1.453 – 1) / .06 = 7.55

Round down to get max OE of 7 for Karin. Use this same set of calculations if you’re substituting cards for Karin.


2 thoughts on “How to Carry: Heph Dragon Descended with Meridionalis

  1. Thank you for the wel thought out guide. I’m 1 blodin shy (and perhaps an inherit shy as well) of making team 1. Could you please see if I have any subs that are possible for making a team 1? I’d love to help out tomorrow if possible and do runs for some people. Here is my box. Thank you!

    1. I would say mori is the closest replacement. Blonia > meri can replace a toshiro too but that means dropping the inherit on meri and forcing them to run the would-be grodin inherit as an inherit on a tengu (like one of the tamazos on tengu)

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