How to Farm: Takeminakata. No Skyfall, Ganesha, 5 active kill


This guide will be on farming Takeminakata which is one of the +30 descend drops. This guide is a proof of concept because people told me that it wasn’t possible to make a no skyfall, 5 active kill in NA (the previous build assumed No.6 for the killers to kill Takeminakata).


Why was this more difficult to make? Takeminakata has about 6.3M HP vs some of the other descends where you see the bosses at 2-4M which makes it much easier to killer. Takeminakata also has 3 premptive hits, creating a situation of having to clear 4 floors and make a board for floor 5, using only 5 actives. Adding in that 6th active is very easy, but remember, this is a proof of concept and those willing to make it can see benefit in how many partners they can pair with (not needing any specific inherits) and speed (one less active). Just be aware, this is whale and high investment.

The Build

Please read all the notes because latents are required.

Meri* (Grimmjow) / Kagato (Hatsume Assist) / Unit-13* (Awoken Durga) / Noah / Unit-13* (Grimmjow) / Ganesha

5+1SB (the 1 comes from Ganesha)

* = 3 god killer latent.


The build is specifically designed with the cards in mind. There is no alternative base for any card except potentially Unit-13 (read below). Meri assist can be any multi-target attack that does 20k or more. Awoken Ra is a good example. Grimmjow is the fastest but many work.

Hatsume assist can be on Kagato, Noah, or Ganesha. Keep in mind the SB. Unskilled Hatsume is 9 turns while skilled is 5 turns. Assuming all the bases are max skilled, they are respectively 18, 16 and 13 turns. Since you don’t actually use Ganesha, it doesn’t matter whether Hatsume or Ganesha are up, but the point of this build is that basically anybody can join with any lead (including Ganesha) and you can button and clear since you’re not reliant on their assist or leader skill. If your Hatsume is max skilled and inherited on Noah, you’re leaving yourself a 3SB window for P2. So since Kagato is a higher CD than Noah, it’s safest to inherit to him and just be sure that P2 brings less than it takes to get Hatsume up. Kagato (Hatsume) is 23 turns when both are MS. P1 brings 5SB and P2 brings 1+ whatever from subs. P2 needs to bring at least 12SB from subs and max 16SB.

All the bases are assumed max leveled and 297.

ADurga is because she only takes off half your HP while being a single button for floor 3. Kefka doesn’t do enough damage and Lucifer brings you to 1HP so you die to prempt next floor.

Replacing Unit-13 with Arondight could potentially be possible. They would require 3 physical killer latents instead of 3 god killer latents and you would also need an extra Hatsume assist evo per Arondight added. If you’re counting properly, ths means that P2 Ganesha would require the Hatsume assist if you’re using 2 Arondight. This no longer gives P2 flexibility.

Floor by Floor Guide

Button in order from left to right

F1: Meri (Grimmjow)

F2: Kagato

F3: U13 (ADurga)

F4: Noah, U13 (Grimmjow)

F5: Swipe


This is thought out more as a proof of concept that it is indeed possible to full P1, 5 active, no skyfall, Ganesha button Takeminakata which I was told was impossible until the new DBDC cards come out. I doubt anyone would be willing to make this besides myself but this just goes to show that there are dungeons that can still be optimized in the current state of the game.

Happy Puzzling Buttoning~

Make sure to join the Puzzle and Kupo Discord server (read and follow the rules!) using the banner below if you haven’t done so already. There’s access to many end-game players which are capable of theorycrafting and team help. If you’re having trouble with dungeons, this would be a great place to get started for team help and carries.

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