How to farm: Cauchemar +30 – March 2018 Build

How to Speedfarm Cauchemar with 1 swipe!

I remember last year this dungeon was a huge headache trying to full P1 clear. A year later and going full P1 is a joke. Given I made this at 8AM (without sleeping) I haven’t checked all the alternatives for base cards.


The Vritras and Grimmjows can all be replaced by Grimmjows.
Only one XSolais for Floor 4 is required. You can, for example, run XSolais paired with BGoemon and subs can be other multiboost cards like Mistel or Masamune or Unit-13. SB in the image is exactly 25 for XSolais (Brachydios).
This means that you can get your pings down to 2.

How it Works:

Floor 1: Brachydios
Floor 2: BGoemon, Grimmjow
Floor 3: Grimmjow
Floor 4: Brachydios, Vritra
Floor 5: Make a 5c+ board.*
*Note: First example without cascades (16 moves). Second example with cascades (13 moves. Less safe).

Cheers and happy farming! I hope this was fun to read and feel free to stop by the Puzzles and Kupo Carry Server for PAD discussions, theorycrafting, teambuilding and of course carries by clicking the banner below!

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