Hera-Nyx : The Queen’s Temple of Dance – Floor 5 [Assists Invalid]

Floor 5 is the second to last floor of the Hera-Nyx challenge set. Please keep in mind that as this is the second to last floor of the set and this dungeon is targeted towards endgame players with access to lots of utility and strong teams, it may tend towards being more whale.

General Tips:

  • Floor one has a leader switch for 2 turns so either bring a delay or be able to stall out/kill with the leader switch. If you bring a delay try and stall it up for floor 6 so you can delay Thor.
  • If available, an orb unlock is nice as majority of the floors lock orbs.
  • Odin Dragon or other bind clear that adds up to 7 turns of awakening bind for floor 8 and the shorter ones on floor 5 is very helpful
  • Follow up Attack or gravity is strongly recommended for 76% resolve floor 4 and 50% resolve floor 7(FUA recommended).
  • Time buff is also nice to clear time debuff as there are many time debuffs in this dungeon.
  • If you have Diaochan I strongly recommend using her to nullify pesky debuffs such as time reduction and locked orbs.

Floor Overview: 

Floor 1: DAgni

 34 Million Hp, Resists Light and Wood damage by 50%

Preemptive: 99% gravity and switches your leader with one of your subs for two turns.

Enrage: Under 35% hp it will first skill delay you by 2-4 turns, then on the next turn hit for 386,694.

Hits for a normal attack of 32,226 or 25,780 and changes 2nd and 5th columns to [Water Orb], [Dark Orb] and [Poison Orb]. Under 35% hp it will first skill delay you by 2-4 turns, then on the next turn hit for 386,694.

If you brought a delay and it is up, you can delay and stall out the leader switch. Otherwise stall out the lead switch and nuke down in 1-2 turns. It can be tanked but be sure you have the hp to tank if you chose to do so. If you don’t kill in one shot be sure to keep DAgni’s hp above 35% so you don’t have to take it’s killshot. It is a good place to stall too if you want to, just be sure you can tank the hits and keep DAgni above 35%.

Preemptive 18783 hit next floor.

Floor 2: Indigo

 33 Million hp

Preemptive: 18783 hit, board change to [Fire Orb][Water Orb][Dark Orb][Grass Orb][Light Orb][Poison Orb][Jammer Orb]. Locks [Jammer Orb] and [Poison Orb].

Enrage: Under 30% hp she will hit for 46,960.

Skillset:             If Indigo’s hp is:

<80% she will put up a 30% shield for 3 turns (one time use as soon as hp is <80%)

>30% will change [Grass Orb]  to [Water Orb] and hit for 18,783

or 1st and second rows to [Water Orb], [Poison Orb],[Jammer Orb] and 18,783 hit.

<30% 46,960 attack

Recommendation: Indigo could use an unlock to unlock the pesky[Poison Orb] and [Jammer Orb] but it isn’t needed. If you want to stall for skills you can stall here just be sure to keep your hp 19k or higher and don’t push Indigo under 30%(49,600 hit) unless you can tank it. One of the easier floors, just be sure to not get overwhelmed with poisons if you are stalling (Ideally be clearing them and healing) and as long as you keep her above 30% she deals ~19k.

Preemptive 23,257 hit next floor

Floor 3: Sevenzard

  22.8 Million hp (Effective 91.1 Million hp)

Preemptive: 75% shield for 7 turns, status shield for 7 turns, and 23,357 hit and changes 4 orbs to [Poison Orb].

Enrage: If any [Poison Orb]  or [Mortal Poison] orbs are left will do a 70,071 hit and change [Poison Orb]/[Mortal Poison] to [Jammer Orb]  with the highest priority.


One time Skills:

<93% Recovers 7% of hp, 23,357 hit

<86% 100k void, 23,357 hit and changes 7 orbs to [Poison Orb]

<72% Changes attribute to Water/Wood, hits for 23,357 and makes 4 [Mortal Poison]

<58% Binds one sub for 7 turns, does 23,357 hit and makes 5 [Mortal Poison]

<44% 100k void, 4 orbs to [Poison Orb] and 46,714 hit

<30% Changes attribute to Water/Wood 7 orbs to [Poison Orb], 46,714 hit

<16% Binds one sub for 7 turns, hits for 46,714 and makes 14 

If one of above skills isn’t used(hp clause not met, uses one of below skills)

Venom Blow ( 23,357 )  3 orbs to poisons[Poison Orb]

Clot Nail ( 23,357 )  locks random 7 orbs

Changes attribute to fire/water/wood, 35,035 hit

Changes attribute to fire/water/wood, 77% gravity

Recommendation: Sevenzard can either be nuked or stalled. If you plan to nuke cards such as [Yamato Flame Dragon Caller, Tsubaki] work well because with killers Tsubaki deals effectively 9x. Alternatively if you can fit in a damage boost with no inherits it can help kill Sevenzard. If you choose to stall make sure to always clear poisons as when there are poisons on the board Sevenzard does a much bigger hit. Sevenzard can be tricky so a spike is highly recommended.

Floor 4: Enoch

 38 Million hp, 76% resolve, Resists Light and Dark damage by 50%

Preemptive: block ability to match [Heart Orb] for 3 turns. 999 turn status shield.

Enrage: Under 20% she will hit you for 177,876. If she is under 1% and hasn’t not used her recover and absorb she will use that, but beware on the next turn she will use her 177,876 hit.

Turn 1 either:

>80% 50% gravity hit (one time use)

<80% 10 turn 50% damage reduction is applied (one time use)

Turn 2: 20,752 hit (>70% hp) or 50% damage reduction if HP<70%

Turn 3: 14,823 hit, recovers all hp and blinds board

Turn 4: 20752 hit and changes attribute to Light or dark.

Then repeats following skills:

Can’t erase random 1 orb color for 2 turns

37,058 hit and 1 turn skill delay

When HP <20% 177, 876 hit

<1% Recovers 15% hp and absorbs 6 or less combos

Recommendation: You can stall the first turn so [Heart Orb] block will be gone by the next floor. Enoch can be knocked to 1% then killed the next turn with a 7 combo or fua’d with a nuke. Be careful of not being able to match hearts and watch your hp because it can easily be the end of your run.

Floor 5: Persephone

 28 Million Hp, Effective 56 Million with shield

Preemptive: 10 turn 50% damage reduction shield and 3 second time debuff for 10 turns.

Enrage: On turn 10 she will do a 86,640 hit and create 9[Mortal Poison]. Every three turns starting on turn 2(2,5,8 etc) if there are [Mortal Poison] she will convert [Mortal Poison]-> [Heart Orb]and hit for 86,640.

Turn 1: 10,830 hit, 2 turn awakening bind, and bottom row to [Mortal Poison]

Turn 2: One of 3 skills:

If [Mortal Poison] exist, [Mortal Poison]->[Heart Orb] and 86,640 hit

If [Heart Orb] exist 21,660 hit and [Heart Orb]->[Mortal Poison]

If neither exist 10,830 hit and bottom row to [Mortal Poison]

Turn 3: One of below randomly

Binds all subs for 1 turn

Binds 2 cards for 2 turns

Turn 4: 10,830 hit, 2 skill delay, and bottom row to [Mortal Poison]

Turn 5: Same as 2

Turn 6: Same as 3

Turn 7: 10,830 hit, 2 turn active skill block, and bottom row to [Mortal Poison] 

Turn 8: Same as 2

Turn 9: Same as 3

Turn 10: 86,640 hit and creates 9[Mortal Poison]

Turn 11: Same as 2

Turn 12: Same as 3

Recommendation: Because of the -3 second time debuff for 10 turns I strongly recommend bringing a time buff card such as Diaochan to nullify the time debuff. If you can get rid of all [Mortal Poison] orbs every 3rd multiple of turn 2 then you can most likely tank the 21.7k max hit. If there are no [Mortal Poison] or [Heart Orb] on turn 2,5,8 etc then you only take a 10,830 hit. Compared to the other monsters in this dungeon she isn’t that tanky and should be killed as soon as possible so you are not overwhelmed with [Mortal Poison]. Poison resists are also an option so you don’t have to deal with the pesky [Mortal Poison].


Floor 6: Thor

 49 Million HP, Resists Dark damage by 50%

Preemptive: 2-4 turn skill delay

Enrage: Thor hits very hard on all of his turns, with a 78,288 hit on his first turn which is turn 2 because he is on a 2 turn counter. If he is under 50% hp he will only recover 30% or a 5 combo absorb. Under 20% hp he also has a 173,974 hit and makes 15[Jammer Orb].

He is on a 2 turn counter

>20% hp uses one of below

86, 987 hit (Only if Loki is on your team)

78,288 hit locks 5 orbs

<50% hp uses one of two below skills (One time use)

Recovers enemy 30% of maximum HP

Absorbs 5 or less combos for two turns

<20% hp 173,974 hit, makes 15 jammers

Recommendation: If you used a delay on floor 1, try and stall it back for this floor. Beware that Thor skill delays preemptively so SDR is recommended. Thor is hard to tank, best to kill as soon as possible or delay. If you knock below 50% you can get an extra two turns of stall but Thor will either heal by 30% or put up a 5 combo or less absorb. I would recommend knocking under 50% by the 2nd turn so you get an extra two turns of stalling and can kill by turn four so your skills are back up.

Floor 7: Demonius

 72 Million Hp, 50% resolve, Resists Light damage by 50%

Preemptive: 999 turn status shield and 

Creates 10 bombs on 6×5, 14 on 7×6.
Enrage: Under 20% hp will hit for 1,224,300. If Demonius is at <1% hp will recover enemy 51% of maximum HP, and increases damage to 200% for the next 999 turns(doubles damage). This is only used once so on the next turn Demonius will do his 1,224,300 enrage hit.
Turn 1:  40,810 hit, forces starting orb
Turns after(enemy>50% hp) uses one of 3 below skills
26,527 hit and -2 seconds for 2 turns
26,527 and 2 turn skill delay
26,527 and makes 3 bomb orbs
<50% hp 6 orb combo shield and jammer skyfall debuff( One time)
<50% hp 42,852 hit and 2 turn skill delay
<50% hp 36,729 hit, binds random card for 3 turns and -2 second debuff for 2 turns.
Then if hp still 50%<X<20% 32,648 hit and makes 3 orbs into bomb orbs
<20% hp 1,224,300 hit
<1% hp (One time use) Recovers enemy 51% of maximum HP, Increases damage to 200% for the next 999 turns(doubles damage).
Recommendations: Best to nuke with fua to kill. Diaochan is a good orb unlock, and paired with a board change can setup a kill board for Demonius. I You can also hit to 1% then when Demonius heals to 51% hp you can use a gravity to knock him under resolve and kill him. Demonius is pretty tanky so if you are unable to kill him (Has a whopping 72 million hp), you can try and damage control to under 50% then nuke. If you choose this route make sure to match all bomb orbs so they don’t blow up in your face and that you can tank a 41k hit. 

Floor 8: Hera-Sowilo

 200 Million HP

Preemptive: 7 turn awakening bind and 999 turn status shield.

Enrage: On turn 10 will do a 99% gravity and a 1,591,500 hit.(After 8 uses of the 31,830 hit that forces starting orb.)

Turn 1: 42,440 hit and binds one sub for 10 turns

HP>50% One of below skills(One time use)

31,830 hit

29,708 hit and -1 time debuff for 1 turn

29,708 hit and [Dark Orb]->[Light Orb]

Hp <50% uses following skill one time: Absorbs 8 combos for 8 turns(9 or more combos needed)

Otherwise uses this skill 8 times: 31,830 and forces starting orb.

Then uses: 99% gravity and 1,591,500 hit 

Recommendations: Depending on your HP and RCV Hera can be stalled and nuked down at your own pace within the 10 turn or so slot before the killshot. There is no hp conditional killshot so you can nuke with multiple turns, just beware there is a combo shield put up after under 50%. Odin Dragon is a strong awakening bind clear and if you have him he is perfect for clearing the 7 turn awakening bind. Because of the preemptive status shield we are unable to delay hera, so you can either stall out the awakening bind while taking 30-40k hits or bring an awakening bind clear other then Odin Dragon such as Grodin and stall out the remainder of the awakening bind debuff. If you are unable to one shot her she will bind a sub for 10 turns.


Anublos(Anubis x Diablos) is probably the best lead pairing you can bring if you have it. Other combo leads such as Bastet, Yuna, and Kushi work well paired with themselves or with a 7×6 lead. Cross leads such as Odindragon and Rushana can also work well for this dungeon, just beware of possible combo shields. Row teams such as Ameno and Sephiroth can also work, just be sure you have enough hp so you can tank some floors if you need to. You need at least 23,257 hp or a shield to tank preempts. If you choose to not use a combo lead beware that Enoch(floor 4) will put up a combo shield if you push her under 1% hp(she has a resolve). Also Demonius will put up a 5 combo shield if under 50% hp. If you wanna check for some videos of builds used by JP players you can look here.

A given team whether you choose to use combo, cross or row should be sure to include an awakening bind clear(Grodin or Odin Dragon) to deal with the awakening bind on Hera. A time buff card such as Diaochan can help with the time debuff on floor 5 and Diaochan can also work to unlock the many locked orbs in the dungeon. Other options for time extend buffers are Yomi and Ra. Keep in mind that because there are no assists, all skills needed for the dungeon will have to be on subs of the team. Follow up Attack or some form of gravity is strongly recommended for the 76% resolve floor 4 and 50% resolve floor 7. Some options for FUA include Skuld and Momiji. If you choose to use gravity Rsakuya can work or Hathor, basically you want a card that is going to be bringing multiple things to the table for each respective slot.

If you are using a lead without a shield or HP multiplier you may want to sub a monster with a shield such as Susano or Indra. There can be quite a lot of poisons to deal with Sevenzard, Indigo, DAgni and Persephone all making poison orbs so having poison resist and/or high RCV can help to deal with the poison orbs.

Once you have completed this floor only one more to go, Hera-Nyx herself! Check out the guide for floor 6 to get tips to complete the dungeon.

Happy Puzzling~

Having trouble with Temple of Dance? Make sure to join the Puzzle and Kupo Discord server (read and follow the rules!) by clicking the banner below if you haven’t done so already. We have a dedicated channel just for questions about Temple of Dance with access to help from end-game players!

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