RAthena Cloud City’s Scarlet Blaze Dungeon Guide: Floor 8 – Special

Hello everyone! This guide will hopefully help you through the eighth floor of the dungeon. This eighth floor is quite straightforward compared to other stuff like C6, C7, C9, or C10, but still presents some challenges.

Padx link: http://puzzledragonx.com/en/mission.asp?m=3117

General Teambuilding Tips:

  • This is a rogue-like dungeon where your monsters level up. Avoid using high rarity, high cost monsters if you don’t need to use them. The level scaling is incredibly low in this dungeon so don’t be fooled by low damage hits compared to C8.
  • I don’t advise using a light or dark damage focused team unless you can stall reliably on MHera OR can bring a color absorb void like Bride Persephone.
  • 100% SBR is recommended, but not required.
  • Watch out for light/dark sub-attributes. Sub-atts attack after main atts, so they can easily screw you over on MHera.
  • Genie MVP

Dungeon Walkthrough/Analysis

Floor 1: 3 Gears

These guys just do 1 turn skill delay on full HP. If you’re no skyfall lead and match off color orbs and have at least 1 SDR latent on your cards, this can be a good place to stall. They enrage when hit below 99% hp, and do 15,165 damage each after enrage. Once you enrage them, just kill ASAP. One simple technique is to use a mass attack with a sub attribute to enrage them, giving you one “free turn” of stall.

Floor 2: Metallic Star Dragons

One absorbs light, one absorbs dark. They each do around 10.5k damage per turn. If you are using a light or dark team, you can kill one of them, and then stall on the other one. You should have enough HP/RCV to do that anyway, considering you’re bringing a light or dark team against MHera. If you aren’t using L/D, just kill. 21k per turn hurts a lot with the reduced HP from level scaling.

Floor 3: Dolphin-san

He does a 3 turn skill bind preempt, and does either a 11k hit and dark->light convert or a 16858 hit above 30%. If you hit him under 50%, he will try to bind all god type cards for 10 turns, so be very careful. Anyway, you can stall on him necessay, it’s a good place. Sweep the floor whenever you are ready. MAKE SURE YOU ARE READY TO TANK A 16,592 GREEN PREEMPT UPON KILLING.

Floor 4: Another Crusader

16,592 hit + Convert random orb type to green preemptive. He basically just does really nasty stuff with heartbreaks / column converts, so I’d just kill as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that under 50% HP he casts either a 50% shield or -2.5s, both for 5 turns. After that if he’s below 15% HP he does a huge nuke. If possible, save heals on the killshot for the upcoming 99% gravity premptive, however it’s not crucial. He has 14.8M HP, which is a lot more than previous floors, so keep that in mind.

Floor 5: Gronia

99% gravity preemptive and generally does nasty stuff like making poisons, or a 25k hit + column convert to green. I’d kill on sight, only 4M HP as well. Not much more to say. There’s no premptive strike next floor so if you did not manage to save hearts there’s no worry, just kill her and move on.

Floor 6: Alt Cauchemar

He absorbs 6c or less, and sets a fixed starting orb as a preemptive. His moveset is also really nasty; He can bind 3x subs for 2 turns, do a 26,598 hit, or break hearts into jammers. Like Gronia, I would kill as soon as possible. 7.8M HP means he’s very easily dealt with using a bicolor/tricolor/quadcolor for combos and guaranteeing orbs of your main attribute.

Floor 7: MHera

23.9M HP. If you can 1 shot through the Light/Dark absorb, just do that on turn 1. If not, stall until a workable absorb. Genie makes for a god-tier Mhera destroying active for stalling. 3 turn dark damage nullify. I actually recommend, if you have dark / light damage on your team, to use Genie then hit her below 50% because at that point it’s guaranteed that she will not cast another absorb, allowing your light / dark damage team to kill.

Her attacks above 50% alternate between:

1 of :

  • 3 turn Skill delay
  • Lock 8 orbs
  • Make 3 Mortals


Absorbing a random color. All her hits are 25,025 damage, too. Have fun. Kupo


Congrats, you have beaten C8. Onto Ares and C9 which is 10x harder!

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