Hera-Nyx: The Queen’s Temple of Dance – Top Floor 7×6

This is it! This is the final floor, featuring Hera-Nyx herself at the end. The dungeon has a natural 7×6 board, but there are an assortment of absorbs and enrage zones to each of the bosses, so make sure you can confirm kills on the board.

Helpful things:

  • Killers can make the floors much easier, but be very careful with your damage control. Due to the nature of 7×6, skyfalls can happen much more frequently and one too many skyfalls can easily damage a boss into an enrage zone, essentially killing the run. On the flip side, killers can help avoid enrages by guaranteeing the kill.
  • 7/8 of the enemies are either Machine or Devil. It could prove extremely useful to bring killers for both.
  • Guard break can be very useful in getting pass floor 7, Delgado. Although defense void is also an option, guard break allows you to save an active or lets you plan your team for another active.
  • Be sure to shield up before going into the final floor, Hera-Nyx does like to greet you with a gentle slap of  ~73k damage.
  • A lead with an RCV multiplier will help in dealing with clearing poison the many poisons or stalling out a bad color absorb.
  • A 100% damage void like Ganesha or Raphael can be useful when attacking a boss near an enrage zone, if you aren’t sure you will kill. (Ganesha’s enhance will also help with damage)
  • Delay highly recommended for Nerva and Hamal.

Floor Overview

Floor 1: Azazel

 72.3M HP, Resists Light and Fire damage by 50%.

Preempt: Ribbon locks the top row for 4 turns. Status Shield.

To get around this, you can either set up a cascade in a pattern like

or simply set two orbs under a color and combo normally. Because this is a 7×6 board, it is possible to ignore the top row entirely for 5 turns and play on a 7×5 board instead.

Enrage: Below 15%, hit for 105,042 damage. This is done with highest priority AFTER THE FIRST TURN.

On his first turn, Azazel does one of the following:

Above 40% HP: 26,264 damage and 4 turn skill delay.

Under 40% HP: 30,012 damage, recovers 50% HP and reduces damage by 75% for 99 turns. If this happens, he will do a 24,008 hit and 6 turn skill delay on the second turn.

Be careful of dealing too much damage the first turn without the ability to kill. The shield and resists together can easily lead you to putting Azazel in his enrage.

Luckily, the heal and shield only occurs if you put him under 40% the first turn so you should lightly attack Azazel on the first turn. Instead, he will skill delay you, which shouldn’t be a huge issue unless you use no inherits for stat boosts or have low amounts of SB on the team. In addition, he doesn’t hit too hard, so you can take it slow and stall out the ribbon or to get a good board to kill Azazel.

Otherwise, he follows this pattern:

1) 16,507 damage and lock 10 orbs at random.


2) 7,503 damage and 12 poison orbs generated


2) 22,509 damage and changes orbs to Aten board (all colors, hearts, jammers). The colors are organized like Fire Water Jammer on the left, Wood Light Jammer in the middle and Dark Heart Jammer on the right.


He’s not THAT bad to stall so I would highly recommend taking the 4 turn delay and stall 2-3 rotations for skills to make up for the delay and get rid of the ribbon lock. This also avoids a 75% shield scenario which would make it EXTREMELY difficult to kill without hitting enrage.


Floor 2: Legelonte

 109.6M HP

This is the easiest floor of the dungeon, but beware taking too many turns as Legelonte increases the damage he deals as the turns go by. Doing so, Legelonte does not have an enrage zone but rather is a damage check. Hit hard every turn and don’t stall. If you brought Machine killer, this is a lot easier to kill but make sure you unbind it if needed.

Legelonte is on a set pattern, and gets more dangerous after the 3rd or 4th turn, depending on your team’s survivability.

The pattern is as such:

Piano > Forte > Pianissimo > Fortissimo > Pianississimo > Fortississimo > Finale

The attacks broken down:

Piano : Binds 2 subs for 3 turns. Unbind at your pace, but remember you have about 110M HP to go through.

Forte: 25,802 damage. If you can tank Azazel, you can tank this.

Piannissimo: 2 turn skill bind. Really only an issue if your two subs from turn 1 are bound, and we all know that 80% = 0%.

Fortissimo: 50,170 damage. Make sure you have effective health to tank this.

Piannississimo: 99% grav. If you survived Fortissimo, the next attack will just reduce your health again.

Fortississimo: 75,255 damage. That’s quite the tanky team you have if you’ve made it to here.

Finale: 150,507 damage. Your team needs more damage, or you planned this and are using a 100% shield.


Floor 3: Nerva

[Flame Wing Wisedragon, Nerva] 175M HP, Resist fire damage by half.

Preempt: 3-turn 75% damage reduction shield. Yes. That’s right. With this shield up, Nerva has 700M effective HP and 1400M against fire teams.

Enrage: below 15% HP. 424,650 damage.

Outside of hitting enrage, Nerva has a fixed pattern of recasting 75% shield + hit, effect + hit, HP check hit, repeat. The HP checks are 85% HP, 50% HP and 0% Kupo. Missing an HP check results in about 300k damage.

Here’s the turn by turn:

Turn 1: 25,479 damage and reduces move time by half.

Turn 2: 25,479 damage and blinds board. This is your last chance to delay Nerva.

Turn 3 (85% damage check): Puts up 999 Status shield, 29,726 damage, and changes your board to fire. 300k if Nerva is over 85% HP.

Turn 4: 75% shield recast, and a random bind for 4 turns with 25,479 damage.

Turn 5: 30,576 damage.

Turn 6: 25,479 damage, and locks 15 orbs. Clear and combo and heal.

Turn 7 (50% HP check): 29,726 damage, and changes your board to fire. 300k if Nerva is over 50% HP.

Turn 8: 75% shield recast, and a random bind for 4 turns with 25,479 damage.

Turn 9: 38,220 damage.

Turn 10: 38,220 damage.

Turn 11+: 424,650 damage.


Your team needs to be hitting about 70M per turn while also being able to heal. The full fire board turns will cost you about 55k HP if you’re not board changing for heals. Not all teams can tank this so budget your board changers as needed. Nerva will ALWAYS be in 75% shield EXCEPT ON TURN 3, UNLESS YOU DELAY. I highly recommend a delay for this, even 1-2 turn. Cast it on turn 3 before the Status Shield goes up and this gives you turns without the 75% shield. This is equivalent to a 4x spike! Since you have the ability to stall on Azazel you can even budget to bring an Orochi for this floor, though that might be overkill and a lot of stalling. Nerva’s typing means a mech killer can prove very strong here.


Floor 4: Herme-Ra

 203.4M HP

Preempt: she will spawn 13 poison orbs and then lock 13 random orbs.

Enrage: below 15% HP. 15,967 damage and hard blinds 13 orbs randomly. Next turn deal 192k damage, awaken bind for 10 turns and change 1 random color to mortal.

First turn poison check:

If poisons exist, deal 31,934 damage, and turn poisons into mortal poison.

If poisons do not exist, she will heal you to full and Awoken bind you for 1 turn.

As you can see, unless for some reason you can’t take 13 poisons, there’s no reason not to clear them.

Herme will rotate between dealing 27,144 damage, absorbing a random element for 3 turns and turning a random orb type into jammers. And then one of the following 3 attacks:

1) 23,952 damage

2) 20,757 damage, turn the top row into water.

3) 10% Poison skyfall.


Herme is best dealt with by consistently dealing damage on favorable absorbs and just stalling out when it’s not that favorable. Unless you’re planning on using a board change and killing instantly, which is a lot of HP to deal, then slow and steady wins the race. Given the repeated hits here it can be very difficult for low RCV teams.


Floor 5: Satan

 109.2M HP

Satan is very straight forward.

Preempt: bind 1 random card for 3 turns and put up a 999 status shield.

Kill him before the 5th turn.

Turn 1-4: 16,666 and spawns 1 mortal poison.

Turn 5: dispels player buffs and deal 1.6M damage.

The dispel means you can’t use a shield to tank it.


Given Hera is a devil type, you might already have devil killers for this. It shouldn’t be all that hard to kill. There’s no real recommendation except possibly not matching the mortals depending on your strategy next floor. Hamal changes full board to poison on the first turn (so you would just board and this means you don’t have to touch the mortals) or alternatively, if you go delay route on Hamal, you should match away the mortals as you kill.

Be ready to kill Hamal and use all 4 of the “free” turns on Satan to setup for Hamal.


Floor 6: Hamal

[Hamal] 153M HP

Preempt: Will switch attributes to anything except dark, and absorb the attribute that’s strong against that attribute (If Hamal turns to Fire, will absorb Water). In addition, your hearts will get locked.

Enrage: below 20% HP. All orbs to poison and 131,580 damage.

First turn is always 27,090 damage and full board to poison.

Between 20% and 50% HP, Hamal will change attribute to dark, enhance damage by 1.5x for the rest of the fight and 15% poison skyfall debuff for 5 turns.

Outside of those conditional attacks, Hamal will attack in the pattern of 1-2-3:

1: 31,929 damage and clouds 3 orbs of the board for 2 turns. Since you are on a 7×6 the cloud isn’t as obscuring, so this isn’t that bad.

2: 29,799 damage and binds 1 random card for 1 turn.

3: 29,799 damage and binds 1 random card for 1 turn.


The first turn is always Necrostar, which turns your entire board to poison except the locked hearts from the first turn, so have a board change ready.

Hamal can be delayed past the element absorb from the first turn, but having a board change for the Beelzebub cameo is important if you can’t kill Hamal in those turns. Avoid spending too long on Hamal, for he hits quite hard after the enrage. If that won’t kill you, the rage zone will.


Floor 7: Delgado

 1M HP (But good luck, I’m behind 50M defense and a 90% damage shield). This means you need a single card to deal 60M damage (excluding element) to kill.

Delgado takes 5 turns to attack, so it is best to set up a good board, stall a bit if you need to, and prepare yourself for the next floor.

There are three ways you can get around Delgado:

Option 1: 100% defense nullify active. Having access to Balboa/Julie’s skill Astray Mist is useful here, for it will null Delgado and set up a shield for the next floor into Hera-Nyx. Once his defense is nullified, you have to deal 10M damage across the team to kill Delgado. Otherwise, NON-AWOKEN Shiva has a 100% break along with some other options for inherits.

Option 2: Have a single card deal 60M damage. This is difficult given the balanced typing means you probably won’t have killers for this.

Option 3: Use a defense break awoken skill. This requires your team to be all attributes. L/D Sherias Roots is really nice for his killers against a lot of the floors while also carrying the Defense Break awakening. REM Valks, Allura and Diablos are other options.

After 5 turns, he Awaken binds you for 1 turn and does 4M damage.



Boss Floor: Hera-Nyx

550M HP, 50% Resolve, 30M Damage Null

Preempt: Starts off with a 72,800 damage preempt. Make sure you recover and have another shield after, for her next turn will be a 99% gravity and a 10.4K hit. A long shield like 5 turn Susano is very useful here, if you plan on grinding down Hera-Nyx.

First turn: 99% gravity followed by 10,400 damage and blind board.

Normal attacks (random):

  1. 34,320 damage.
  2. 41,600 damage.
  3. 29,120 damage and 0-3 turn skill delay.
  4. 31,200 damage and turns the 4th column into casino orbs (rotating tiles) for 1 turn.

Once you put Nyx under 50%, she goes through a very high damage set of 4 attacks.

  1. Absorbs 7 or less combos for 999 turns + 1s time debuff for 10 turns.
  2. 36,400 damage and blinds six orbs for two turns.
  3. 49,920 damage.
  4. 72,800 damage.

After this set is complete, she will continue with her normal attacks.

Enrage: Hera-Nyx’s rage zone is 10%. She will change attribute and strike for 6.24M damage, but you can 100% void this damage. After, she will repeat 5.2M damage hits.

Resolve: Should you hit the resolve, recover 100% HP + 150% damage for 999 turns. If you do this again, she will do a normal hit. There’s a bug where if your HP is less than 10,400, Nyx will attempt a normal attack to kill you instead of healing. This means if you have a shield up to tank the 10,400 damage, you can get through with this (keep in mind this is only possible to hit resolve with the box mechanic).


If you plan on using Pixel + FUA like in Rushana’s descend, make sure your pixel is strong enough to one shot. A tricolor board with hearts is the way to go, and Pixel Cloud is the best choice as a pixel. If you choose this route, good luck on your board.

If you decide to grind down Nyx then consider bringing a shield like Ganesha for the 10% enrage range. 10% doesn’t seem like a lot until you realize that’s still 50M HP. If you have good RCV, a shield can be reused for the various points of this dungeon. For example, Indra to enter and tank the turn 1 hit, stall back and use the Indra for the sub 50% move set.

SDR is highly recommended on the shields.



Because of natural 7×6, high combo leads can often hit their high combo count multiplier. Multi cross leads can also be quite useful in their capacity to deal high damage without using a weaker 7×6 leader, so being able to one shot floors becomes even easier. If using a combo leader, I highly suggest having an all attribute team with guard break to make Delgado much easier and not having to bring a defense null. A multi cross lead should be able to pierce through Delgado’s high defense with 4 crosses, and with 5 turns it is possible to create a stacked board to have 4 crosses. High combo damage leads like Anubis, Yuna, Roots, Kush, and even Diablos+X for his shield work well here. Cross leads like Rushana, Kenshin, Dantalion, or Paimon can do well, especially for their shielding from activation or having high HP like Rushana.

There can be quite a lot of poisons to deal with, so having poison resist or high RCV can help to deal with these problems, though I would not sacrifice team makeup just for having poison resists. It is important to bring a shield for Nyx, both for walking into the final floor and if you are grinding down Nyx. I also recommend having a 100% shield if you can afford it on the team for safety, since only Satan will nullify player buffs before killing you on his 5th turn.

Half of the bosses have a rage zone, so it is important to know your team’s damage and be confident in your team’s ability to deal enough damage to one shot floors. The only damage limiter in this dungeon is Nyx’s 30M void shield, which is quite high if not using any kind of killers or damage boosters. Else, bringing along Devil, Dragon, or God killers to help with earlier floors is a good idea, and knowing damage control to hit under that 30M will be important if you are grinding. Else, you can use Pixels and FUA to overcome Nyx in one shot, since there are no other floors that need damage control or can’t be overcome through brute force.

Take whatever utility your choice of lead demands, such as shield for no HP multiplier combo leads or orb creates for cross dependent leads. A consistent way to heal is great for teams that don’t one shot every floor, as well as a method to deal with poisons or clearing the board of such hazards. Defense nullification is important if you don’t bring guard break for Delgado, and bind clear is useful since Satan can bind your leader. Board change or delay are useful in dealing with Nerva or Hamal.


Happy Puzzling~

Having trouble with Temple of Dance? Make sure to join the Puzzle and Kupo Discord server (read and follow the rules!) by clicking the banner below if you haven’t done so already. We have a dedicated channel just for questions about Temple of Dance with access to help from end-game players!

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