Hera Nyx – The Queen’s Temple of Dance – Floor 2 [Wood Enhanced]

Hello! On Monday (11/20/17), we will be getting the Hera-Nyx challenge set, which is like White Snek, LAzazel, and RAth, but has six floors only and is much harder overall. This article will guide you through Floor 2 of Nyx, which is a huge step up difficulty wise from Floor 1 and has more annoying mechanics, but still straightforward compared to the later floors.

General Tips/Dangers

  • Please have 100% [Resistance- Skill Bind]. There are two preemptive skill binds, including one at the boss. Don’t wanna have all your hard work erased by RNG….
  • Wood Cards get a 1.5x multiplier to HP, ATK, and RCV, AND most of the floors in this dungeon are blue. If you have strong wood cards, it’s most likely best that you make use of them here.
  • 7 out of 8 Floors have 30 Million HP or more. Use a low active requirement, high damage leader pairing. Combo leads tend to have good scalings like Anubis. Otherwise cross leads like Acala can do well.
  • Both Fragrem (F2) and Sha Wujing (F5) have Resolve. If you can burst 40m and 12m respectively with [FUA], it makes those floors a lot easier.
  • F4 has [Water Orb] absorb for five turns and a 10-turn 1M damage absorb if you hit him below 50% (on a 87 million hp enemy…) Since water will heal him, ensure all water primary and subattributes are as far left in your team as possible (or don’t have them at all). If you can’t one-shot him, strongly consider bringing a delay for that floor.
  • Folklore awaken binds you for 3 turns and has a guaranteed 31.5k hit if you decide to stall it out without delaying. Have a solution for him.
  • Lucifer preemptively binds all your dark cards for 3 turns (if they exist), so have an answer for that if you have dark cards.
  • Every one of the floors are weak to [Devil Killer] or [Dragon Killer]. These killer awakenings/latents have a lot of value in this dungeon.

Floor by Floor Analysis/Guide

Floor 1:

HP: 29.67 Million

Preemptive: 5 turn skill bind and -1 Second time debuff for 5 seconds.

Very straightforward enemy. He basically does more damage every turn, until he executes you on the fifth turn.

  • First Turn: 7,688 hit
  • Second Turn: 13,576 hit
  • Third Turn: 23,064 hit
  • Fourth Turn: 30,752 hit
  • Fifth Turn and beyond: 123,000 hit

This is a decent place to stall four turns if you need. Get ready to tank a 20,144 light damage preemptive upon killing.

Floor 2:

Info: 39.58m HP, 50% [Dark Orb] Resist, 50% Resolve

Preemptive: 5 turn status shield, 20,144 hit, convert all orbs to [Fire Orb][Light Orb][Heart Orb]

Enrage: Between 2% and 20% HP she will deal 48,809 damage and change all orbs to [Fire Orb][Light Orb][Heart Orb].

Guaranteed/Threshold attacks:

  • On her first turn (if above 50%), she does a 3 turn skill bind. Since you have full resistance this is basically a free turn.
  • If hit below 50%, she will absorb [Light Orb] for 1 turn, convert the 2nd and 5th columns (from left) to [Light Orb], and do 15,495 damage.
  • If you trigger the resolve, she will recover 19% HP and apply 75% shield for 1 turn. This leaves her in enrage HP if you don’t kill the next turn.

Other attacks (random):

  • 50% shield for 1 turn (HP>50%)
  • 75% shield for 1 turn (HP>75%)
  • 28,665 hit
  • 26,342 hit + creates 8 [Light Orb] at random.
  • 26,342 hit + turn 5th column from left into [Light Orb] and 6th column into [Fire Orb].

There’s several ways to tackle this floor:

  1. Kill with a [FUA].
  2. Trigger resolve, let her heal to 19% and 75% shield (~31m effective HP), then kill.
  3. Hit below 20%, tank the 48.8k hit, then kill+heal with the [Fire Orb][Light Orb][Heart Orb] board.
  4. Stall out the status shield, use a delay, then kill (Not recommended unless you know what you’re doing, since Floors 4 through 6 are better places to use a delay).
  5. Careful damage control: hit to a safe HP below 50%. This isn’t recommended if you have light on your team due to the absorb.

If you’re using a primarily dark or wood team, I don’t recommend option 2, as when she’s at 19%, you’d have to do 63.328 million effective damage to kill her from that HP with the shield, dark resistance / element disadvantage.

Floor 3:

Info: 91.81m HP, 5-turn attack timer.

Preemptive: Gives you a +25% [Water Orb] skyfall buff for five turns.

Enrage: on his attack turn Beyzul will always hit for 356,400 damage, converting one orb at random into [Water Orb].

Straightforward floor. Do 91.8 Million damage against him before the five turns are up.

If you are confident of being able to kill on the last turn, it’s best to stall out until his attack timer reaches 1 because the water skyfall can make the next floor more difficult.

Before killing, be ready to tank a 16,813 water damage preemptive.


Floor 4:

Info: 87.18m HP

Preemptive: 5-turn [Water Orb] absorb, lock all [Water Orb], and deal 16,813 damage.

Enrage: Below 10% HP Senshu will deal 60,045 damage and reduce move time by 75% for 1 turn.

Threshold / Guaranteed hits:

  • <50% HP: Absorbs >1M Damage for 10 turns + 25% Wood orb skyfall for 10 turns
  • <40% HP: 21,615 hit + 35% shield for 1 turn
  • <30% HP: 21,615 hit + 50% shield for 1 turn
  • <20% HP: 21,615 hit + 75% shield for 1 turn

Normal Skills: above 40% HP randomly use the following:

  • 16,813 hit + convert all [Grass Orb] to [Water Orb] (~70% chance of use)
  • 16,813 hit + blind board (~30% chance of use)

I already said this in the “General Tips” section of the guide, but WATCH OUT FOR WATER ATTRIBUTE if you’re trying to kill through the absorb! If you didn’t stall on Beyzul, keep the water skyfall buff in mind when deciding whether or not you can kill through the absorb.

Attribute Absorb Void skills are extremely rare in NA right now (just Bride Persephone, Beach Artemis, and their fodder) but if you have them they may be a good solution to the absorb if you’re otherwise benefiting greatly from Beyzul’s skyfall buff.

If you are running a water-heavy team, stall 5 turns above 50% (not very hard, only 16.8k damage per turn and no heartbreaks) or use a delay to wait it out.

If you can kill through the water absorb, go ahead and 1-shot if you can, but be very sure you can (it’s 87.8m HP after all). If you trigger the 10-turn damage absorb you will pretty much have to heal him to a safe HP and stall it out.

If you can reliably survive this stalling and want to get skills back up, go for it; otherwise it adds needless risk and length to your run. You can defeat the 1M shield with a Damage Absorb Void active, but may find it difficult to fit in your team or have it ready in time (and you still have to deal with the water absorb).

Before killing this floor, prepare to take a 17,750 water damage preemptive.

Floor 5:

Info: 12.66m HP, 75% Resolve

Preemptive: 17,750 damage

Enrage: when HP < 1% always attacks with a 99% Gravity + 28,400 hit.

Guaranteed / Threshold Attacks:

  • First turn (if not at resolve): Absorbs 4 combos or less for 99 turns
  • HP < 50, 1 time use: 3 turn skill bind

Otherwise randomly attack with one of the following:

  • 28,400 hit
  • 23,667 hit
  • 20,117 hit + make 5 [Dark Orb] at random.

There are a few ways to approach this spawn.

  • 1-shot with [FUA]
  • Use a 26%+ gravity (or 25% plus damage tap like Gunma) to drop below resolve then kill.
  • Since there’s no status shield, you can delay him to safely kill.
  • A sufficiently-strong shield active or reduction baked into the leader skill (Myr, Revo Grecoromans) can cheese the enrage; just one-shot then ping.
  • Hit below 75% and kill. Sha Wujing has 12 million HP here rather than the usual 1 million HP paper crocodile that he usually is, so it’s much safer to attempt than usual. Most safely done with No Skyfall Combo leads. Keep in mind that you will have to deal with the <5c combo shield if you don’t quite hit below 75% on turn 1, though.

Be ready to take a 11,054 water damage preemptive upon killing.

Floor 6:

Info: 61m HP

Preemptive: 11,054 hit + 3 turns awaken bind

Enrage:  below 20% HP Folklore will switch to attacking for 47,376 damage (the single-use move-time debuff takes precedence).

Guaranteed/Threshold attacks:

  • On turns 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, etc. He will use Cattle Mutilation, a 31,584 hit + blind and change his attribute.
  • Below 50% HP Folklore will inflict a one-time -2 sec move time debuff for 5 turns.

Otherwise, random attack from this list:

  • 99% gravity
  • 18,950 hit
  • 22,106 hit
  • 12,634 hit + convert 1 orb type to [Jammer Orb]

Generally speaking, you need to stall out or remove the 3 turns of awoken skill bind. You can delay or use an awakening bind clear such as Green Odin, Odin Dragon, or any of the awoken versions of the Samurai God 2 Pantheon Cards. You can stall out the 3 turns without delay or awakening bind clear, as his hits aren’t ridiculously hard. However, his 99% gravity and the possibility of breaking [Heart Orb] into [Jammer Orb] can kill you if you are unlucky.

After the awakening bind is gone, you’re free to kill. Even if you hidden resolve him, the time debuff will take precedent over the 20% hit, so it’s not the end of the world for you.

Floor 7:

Info: 60m HP

Preemptive: Do one of the following:

  • Bind all [Dark Orb] monsters for 3 turns, if any are on your team.
  • Otherwise, create 3 [Poison Orb] at random.

Enrage: below 30% HP, he skips one turn, then executes you with a 715.5k nuke.

If >30% HP does one of these two attacks:

  • 26,831 damage + convert [Dark Orb] to [Jammer Orb]
  • 35,775 damage

If you didn’t clear the awakening bind from last floor or have bindable dark monsters, be wary of the [Dark Orb] bind. Have a clear ready as you will need those monsters’ [Resistance- Skill Bind] on the next floor.

Otherwise, it’s a straightforward floor. The 30% skip turn nullifies the concern of hidden resolve. If you’re ready for the boss, just kill.

If you have a high RCV or tanky leader such as Meridionalis or Red Myr, this floor is quite easy to stall on; there’s only two attacks, neither of which break your [Heart Orb].

Floor 8 / Boss:

Info: 60.94m HP

Preemptive: 5-turn skill bind

“Soft” Enrage: Below 30% HP she gains a 75% chance to use a 100% gravity, instantly killing you unless you have a shield or water resistance.

Special Skills:

  • The first turn below 50% HP, she will use a single-use skill that binds your entire team for 1-3 turns, then deals 7,489 damage.
  • Below 75% HP she gains a 75% chance to use Freezing Blast instead of Blue Blizzard. Freezing Blast deals 25,461 damage and binds one random card for 2-4 turns. Keep in mind she still uses Blue Blizzard here.

Normal Skills:

  • She will always use Blue Blizzard if another skill is not rolled. This is a 29,954 damage attack converting all orbs of a randomly chosen color to [Water Orb].

I recommend preparing to just 1-shot her, as the orb changes from Blue Blizzard are pretty annoying even if you’re running a Water team: she may repeatedly break [Heart Orb].

Her full-team bind below 50% is dangerous, and you need to be careful about binds from Freezing Blast below 75% (make sure you can survive any given card on your team being bound).

A water resist latent on an unbindable card can save you if you have no shield and don’t quite kill her, as it will reduce her 100% gravity enrage to a survivable 99% one.

Strategy Review

  • This dungeon is Wood Enhanced (1.5x all stats to wood) AND 6/8 of the spawns are water type. If you have a strong wood leaders or subs, now’s the time to let them shine.
  • 7/8 of the floors have ~30 Million or more HP, and 5/8 of the floors have over 60 Million HP. You generally need either a strong enough leader multiplier / subs to burst through those pools, or have strong enough RCV/HP multiplier to grind them down.
  • The enemies have high HP, but at the same time, don’t deal that much damage to you. High RCV/High burst leaders such as Meridionalis, Aizen, or Ameno should have few to no problems in the dungeon.
  • Make sure you can deal with the significant obstacles of the dungeon BESIDES the high HP pools. Ensure you have a reliable plan for at least the following:
    • Fragrem’s resolve and annoying board / orb changes
    • Senshu’s 5-turn [Water Orb] absorb
    • Sha Wujing’s deadly resolve
    • Folklore’s awakening skill bind
    • Lucifer’s [Dark Orb] bind (if applicable)
  • There are multiple skill binds, several of which are preemptive.
    It’s EMPHATICALLY recommended to have 100% [Resistance- Skill Bind] (5 awakenings).
  • All the spawns are weak to either [Dragon Killer] or [Devil Killer].
  • Use wood cards like Ishtar (completely farmable), Leeza, MAthena and Ragdra as wood attribute cards with dragon killers and Mito is a great wood devil killer. Furvati has both dragon / devil killers which means she applies to EVERYTHING in the dungeon!


Congratulations, you have passed floor two. This floor is an entry test for the real meat of the challenge: Floors 3 to 6. Onto floor 3, where things get interesting and harder. If you find those too challenging, don’t feel pressured to complete them. After all, these challenges are designed to make experienced endgame players with well-developed boxes squirm, and the completion rewards (aside from personal satisfaction) are just Snowglobes and an [Ancient Tri-God Mask].

Thanks for stopping by! When you have completed this challenge floor you should check out the next guide in this series!

Happy Puzzling~

Having trouble with The Queen’s Temple of Dance? Make sure to join the Puzzle and Kupo Discord server (read and follow the rules!) using the banner below if you haven’t done so already. We have a dedicated channel just for questions about this challenge set with access to help from end-game players!

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